Mini Printables for Dollhouse Miniatures.
Two page spread for
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This is a menu for Mom's Diner in Hometown, USA
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A Berry Kitchen for your mini-house
Lots of different things to choose from
Berry Kitchen
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Berry Kitchen
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Berry Kitchen
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Garden Shed
The Garden Shed is made from several types of cardboard and foamboard. Everything except the clay pots, the basket and the dried flowers are Printies. The rain barrel even has water in it. If made with acid free paper, and coated with a protective spray, this can be an heirloom piece.
The Miss Mouse Tea Pot House        
The Miss Mouse Tea Pot House  email me at
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This house is about 1/2 scale or Mouse Scale. LOL  It has two floors and an attic. There is a ladder to the attic and the wallpaper is designed especially for Miss Mouse. In the future I would like to do a furniture kit, a Miss Mouse kit and perhaps soft furnishings that will be printed on fabric and made into curtains, table cloths, and overstuffed furniture. I really love this project and it would be great to hear your ideas for it.  Miss Mouse has a story too. Maybe I will make a little book to tell that story of how her Tea Pot house came to be.   Take care all of you and thanks for all the nice things you have said to me about my site
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The three pages shown below show what most of the graphics look like.. The instructions are easy and tell you what type of cardboard to glue to. After that you cut them out and assemble.  When you are done you will have an heirloom to hand down to your grandchildren. If the pages are sprayed with a coating they will last a long time.
Note: Instructions not given for vine

You can use this house for a Fairy House, an English cottage, A house for elves, If you leave off the spout and handle it becomes a little house. Use your imagination. There are many illustrations and photographs to help you along. It really isn't that hard to do. I have done all the hard work. You just put it together. You don't have to buy many supplies. You probably have most of them allready if you do some crafts. My grandchildren love this house and can't wait for me to make the furniture for it. I will be starting to work on the furniture soon. I can't wait either. It is so much fun to design all of these things.

I love the side porch and just can't wait to make a hanging plant, (part of the furnishings) to hang from the spout. Also the spout is on the wall where the kitchen stove is going to be so it can be the chimney. Can't you just imagine an old fashioned cook stove in a warm kitchen with all the decorations you can make. The Tea Pot House is three demensional. The walls have thickness. It is not just a single thickness of card. I am sure you will have a great time making it. There are lots of things the kids can do to help you with it. If they can use a glue stick they can help allot.

If you should have any problems please email me at
I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Free Printies below
You will be recieving a file that will contain pages that you will print out, cut out and assemble. These graphic pages are glued to
different types of card and cardboard and foam
board. These graphics will make a Mouse House as you see in the pictures.
The downloaded zip file will contain .pdf files. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to open these files. If you don't have this program you can download it for free here.

19" high
16" wide
New as promised, Furniture for the Mouse House

The furniture is made the same way as the Mouse House. It is printed onto card stock and cut out and assembled.
It takes only a short time to make each one. I will be making more soon. I am working on the kitchen sink now.
You will download a .pdf file and print it out.
Very easy
The Fridge.
An old fashioned Refrigerator in the style of the Twenties and Thirties. The door opens and it has three shelves. It also has a
little freezer for making ice cubes. That also opens.
The Stove.
An old fashioned stove made in the style of the twenties. The oven door proclaims that the stove is made by Mouse Works Stoves but you can change that and make it blank. The oven door opens and beads are used for knobs. The burners can be made with snaps or any round metal objects that resemble stove burners.
See below for NEW Mouse House furniture.  The Stove and the Fridge
$2.50 each

The Enchanted Cottage
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Half scale
$2.50  each
The Shabby Chic Sink
includes drain board
Free drain board Printie @


The Travel Trunk FREE
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The Shabby Chic Sink
The Paper Bead Roller
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+ shipping $     4.50
    total      $ 27.45
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